Prospective Authors

Submission Guidelines

We welcome your written proposal or prospectus and will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible. A book prospectus should include the following items in addition to a cover letter.

In order to help the editor evaluate your project please include
Author information
  1. Author(s) name(s) in full.
  2. Give the complete work and home addresses, area codes, phone and fax numbers and email addresses for each author.
  3. Author(s) history (CV).
  4. Give the author(s) nationality, birthdates, and maiden name (if applicable).  Necessary for Book Cataloguing and Publication Information.

Work information

  1. Working title.

  2. Is this work part of a series?  If so please provide a history and description of the series.  Who is the series editor?
  3. Aim/scope/content/methodology of the work.
  4. Table of contents.
  5. Chapter outline/abstracts.
  6. Into which discipline does this work fall?
  7. Current status of the work. Is it complete, if not what remains to be done?  Proposed completion date.
  8. If this work is derived from a thesis, describe the nature and extent of the changes which have been made.
  9. If the work in question is derived from a thesis, give the name of the thesis director and of all external and internal examiners on the jury. Where and when was the thesis defended?
  10. Has any portion of this work been published before, or is any part about to appear in print, in the same or a somewhat different form? If so, specify which parts, where and when? What revisions (if any) have been made to the material for inclusion in the present work?
  11. If this is a collectively written work, give the names, academic addresses (if any), and normal place of residence of all contributors. Given that a collective work may be considered only if it constitutes the result of a collaborative effort, and if there is substantive integration of chapters, explain as clearly as possible how the work meets these criteria.
  12. Size (typed, double-spaced pages).  If not complete, estimate finished size.
  13. Nature of tables and illustrations.  Include quantity, size (full-page or half-page), and state whether they are available in camera ready form or require typesetting.
  14. Is the work available in machine readable (computer) form? What hardware, operating system, software and version of software were used?
  15. Special features.  How many and what type (e.g. maps, colour illustrations, et cetera)?

Audience information

  1. Whom do you see as the primary and secondary audiences for this book?
  2. What similar titles have been addressed to the same groups of readers?

General information

  1. Financial sponsorship.  Has some funding been applied for and secured to assist with the costs of production?  If so, how much?
  2. MULTIPLE SUBMISSION:  Is this work currently being considered for publication by any other publishers?
  3. Please write 500-word description of the book that may be used as marketing copy.

Generally, we prefer that authors do not submit complete manuscripts unless invited to do so by an editor.


Dr Joseph Powell
General Manager
The University of the West Indies Press
7A Gibraltar Hall Road
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