A Trilingual Anthology of Caribbean Women Writers

US$45 (s)

Representative of Caribbean History, this trilingual collection of Caribbean women’s writing offers a variety of stories whose language options and cultural contexts provide a unique reading experience. The anthology’s six writers represent three languages: Olive Senior (Jamaica) and Shani Mootoo (Trinidad), English; Gisele Pineau (Guadeloupe) and Janick Lahens (Haiti), French; Carmen Lugo Filippi (Puerto Rico) and Mirta Yίńez (Cuba), Spanish. Each original text is followed by translations in the two other languages, a format facilitating comparative readings. The editors’ noteworthy introduction provides information on each writer, e.g., Olive Senior’s distinct Jamaican, Creole, and English phrasings. The volume’s variety of topics includes those endemic to the regions colonial heritage, such as lingering forces of class, ethnic, economic, and gender privilege; the senseless vortex of political violence that sacrifices idealistic youths; and the sudden changes in children’s friendships when class structure separates them permanently. Other plots locate protagonists in self-reflective uses of languages describing a variety of individual choices, to expand and celebrate one’s multiple identities and locations, to spend life clinging to the ultimately disappointing idea of “going home,” to confront or ignore the cultural practice known as machismo.

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