Caribbean Irish Connections

Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Alison Donnell, Maria McGarrity and Evelyn O’Callaghan (eds.) With a foreword by Hilary McD. Beckles

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There has been an Irish presence within the Caribbean since at least the 1620s and yet the historical and cultural dimensions of this encounter remain relatively underresearched and are often conceived of in reductive terms by crude markers such as redlegs or poor whites. While there are some striking reminders of this history througout the region, this collection explores how the complications and contradictions of Irish-Caribbean relations are much richer and deeper than previously recognized.

Caribbean Irish Connections makes an important contribution to Irish studies by challenging the dominance of a US diasporic history and a disciplinary focus on cultural continuity and ancestry. Likewise, within Caribbean studies, the Irish presence troubles the orthodox historical models for understanding race and the plantation, race and class structures, as well as questions of ethnic and religious minorities. The contributors emphasize the importance of understanding the transatlantic nexus between Ireland and the Caribbean in terms of the shared historical experiences of dislocation, diaspora and colonization, as well as of direct encounter.

This collection pays tribute to the extraordinarily rich tradition of cultural expression that informs both cultures and their imagination of each other. 

CONTRIBUTORS: Jean Antoine-Dunne, K. Brisley Brennan, Alison Donnell, Jerome S. Handler, Lee M. Jenkins, Laura McAtackney, Maria McGarrity, Richard McGuire, Harvey O’Brien, Evelyn O’Callaghan, Elizabeth O’Connor, Matthew C. Reilly, Nini Rodgers, Krysta Ryzewski, Elaine Savory, Leif Schenstead-Harris, Emily Taylor, Kevin Whelan, Karina Williamson

ALISON DONNELL is Professor of Modern Literatures in English, University of Reading.